Students Leap Ahead with Web Landing Page Course

Is there a better way to get students to create and innovate on the web? We think so…

There’s a big push in education and by technology companies to get students to learn how to write code. What students are never told however is the coding, or software development takes years of education and practice to become skilled enough to make a living out of it. It requires focus, concentration, math skills and a logical way of thinking. It also requires a passion to spend endless hours optimizing and perfecting.

Creatively, many students prefer to engage in activities that show immediate results. Artists for example show progress with every stroke of a paintbrush. For students that want to see results and show off their skills, we’ve created a Web Landing Page Design Course.

Think of a Landing Page as a blank canvas where the goal is to attract viewers and get then to take some action. It could be to like or share a video, fill in a form, or buy something.

Build an Web Landing Page from Scratch