Dream Launcher

How can we combat a system that pushes kids into a world or credit, interest payments and mortgages? The simple answer is to ensure they have the skills to create money and can manage it.

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The Dream Launcher moneybox system from The Recess Report combines the best money management ideas that parents have shared with us. It is an everyday system that is simple, fun and easy to use. It doesn’t require batteries, there are no fees or apps to setup. It just works. Parents comment that the system works immediately by helping kids ask great questions. “My kids ask questions that I have no answers for and so we find answers together” says one parent. Another parent says that “I feel they are really listening to me now when I talk to them about money.”

The system works by providing kids with four moneyboxes: Save, Spend, Give and Grow.  Whenever kids receive money, they must allocate it into the four accounts. To start off, we suggest they divide their money equally. Over time, as kids become more responsible, we recommend that they make all of the decisions in how to allocate their money, with at least 10% into every moneybox. When kids need to use money, it can be withdrawn from the appropriate account.

The Dream Launcher system is designed for kids up to Grade 8. Beyond Grade 8 unfortunately we find that money habits are far too established for kids to get started on the system. The ideal time to get started is when kids start asking you to buy things for them.