Are You Torturing Your Child With a Piggy Bank?

Piggy banks can trace their origins to over 600 hundred years ago when orange coloured clay called ‘pygg’ was used to make pots. Back then, there were no banks, and coins were stored in ‘pygg’ pots. Fast forward to the present and millions of kids continue to use this primitive tool to save money.

Oh wait you say, ‘Piggy banks are not primitive.’  Really? If the goal is to put kids through mental torture for weeks and months before they save up enough money to spend it, then continue to use a Piggy Bank. Instead, millions of other families have replaced the lone Piggy Bank with jars and envelope systems that almost always allow kids to spend some of their money.

Back in the day, the Middle Ages to be precise, the ‘pygg’ pots were actually more advanced than today’s versions, as they literally had to be smashed open. Today’s Piggy Banks usually have a removable plastic cap that as all kids know, can be removed to allow a bit of skimming without Mom and Dad ever knowing.

Ditch the Piggy. We live in the 21st century and kids need real money management and wealth creation skills.